What precautions is Riata taking due to COVID-19?

Riata is making sure to put your safety first! Currently, our offices are open by appointment only, however, staff is available by phone or email during all business hours. Our amenities are open, though we ask that people remain socially distanced and masks are worn at all times when indoors. The Athletic Club is open to limited capacity at this time and our equipment is spaced out and sanitized frequently.



What touring options do you offer?

We are excited to be offering in-person tours by appointment, as well as self-guided and virtual tours. 


What should I bring with me on my tour?

Please be sure that every person coming to tour brings a valid government-issued ID. Without this, you will not be able to tour the apartments. 

How many people can I bring to my in-person tour? 

Safety is our primary concern, so at this time we are limiting each appointment to a maximum of two people in the office and in our Riata Cars. If you have more than two people, they are welcome to join us virtually or follow us to the apartments in their own vehicle. 


¿Se habla Español? 

Lamentablemente no tenemos a nadie que hable español. Sin embargo, envíe un correo electrónico a riata@greystar.com y estaremos más que felices de utilizar esta herramienta de traducción en línea.

(Unfortunately, we do not have anyone who speaks Spanish. However please email riata@greystar.com and we are more than happy to utilize an online translation tool.)


Is it possible to change apartments during my lease?

We do allow apartment changes during the last 30 days of your current lease; however, we do not allow transfers prior to that. Schedule an appointment with a leasing agent to learn more about our transfer policy!


What forms of payment does Riata accept?

Riata accepts Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and e-check payments. Its even possible to set up reoccurring monthly payments!


Do I get access to all the amenities at Riata or just the ones in my Village?

The wonderful thing about Riata is no matter where you live on property you get access to all of our world-class amenities!



How far out can I lease an apartment at Riata?

Riata requires 60-day notice to vacate from all residents, therefore we suggest that you look into apartment options about 1 to 2 months before your ideal move-in date. 


Am I able to tour Riata before I am ready to move?

Absolutely, we love showing off our beautiful property! However, if you are looking for specific apartment information, we advise you to look within the 1 to 2-month period prior to your ideal move-in date. Outside of that window, we will not be able to provide details regarding pricing or availability. 


Does Riata have a waiting list? 

We do not have a waiting list; all apartments are leased out on a first come first serve basis and therefore encourage regular check-ins with your leasing agent and the website if you are looking for something specific. 


What type of income verification do you require? 

We require two and a half times the monthly rent to qualify for our apartments. The two and a half times the monthly rent is combined for all applicants for the apartment. This can be shown through paystubs, offer letters, bank statements, or current tax documents. 


During COVID-19 are you accepting furlough employees or unemployment benefits?

Yes! We understand that these are unforeseen times, so we are accepting unemployment benefits as long as they equal the required three times the monthly rent. 


How long does the average application process take?

The average application takes between one and five business days depending on the time your background check takes and how quickly you are able to provide us with income verification. 


What length of leases does Riata offer? 

Riata offers lease lengths ranging from 3 to 13 months. 


Can I change my application to a different apartment or change my move-in date or lease term after I have submitted it?

Did your perfect apartment come available after you submitted your application? No problem! We can change your application over to another apartment, or change your move-in date or lease term one time for free prior to your move in. After the first change if you wish to change again this will result in a $500 fee.


Apartment Features

Do you have apartments with fenced-in yards, balconies, or patios? 

All of our apartments will come with a generously sized and privately fenced-in patio or balcony depending on the floor level. We also do have select apartments that will also come with an enclosed yard. 


Do you provide furnished apartments? 

We do not offer furnished apartments at this time; however, our leasing team is familiar with several great vendors. Give us a call and we can suggest some great options!


Do apartments have a washer and dryer? 

All of our apartments come with a washer and dryer installed in your apartment. 


Can I bring my own washer and dryer?

Unfortunately, since all of our apartments already have washer and dryer installed it is not possible for us to remove them to utilize your own. 


Are there apartments with garages or covered parking? 

With just over 2044 apartments we have all different parking options! We have ample open uncovered parking for all our residents and their guests through all of our community. We also offer covered carports and detached garages for a small monthly cost. Additionally, all our apartments in our Enclave and Dominion Villages include attached garages. 


Does each apartment have central AC? 

Texas is hot, therefore all of our apartments have centralized AC. 


Is there different pricing for the different renovated apartment styles? 

Our pricing ranges based on multiple factors including finish style, move-in date, and lease term. 



Do you have any breed restrictions for dogs?

We love all fur friends; however, we do have breed restrictions for residing at Riata. Those include Alaskan Malamute, Belgian Malinois, Boxer, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Husky Breeds, Pit Bull Breeds, Presa Canarios, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Terrier, Wolf Hybrids. *Breed restrictions do not apply to ESA animals. 


What is your pet deposit, pet fee, and pet rent?

Pet deposit is $400 for one pet and $800 for two pets.

Pet rent is $35 per pet per month. 

*Fees do not apply to ESA animals


Are the pet fees the same for cats and dogs?

Yes, all pet fees are the same regardless of pet type.


Where in Riata is my pet welcome besides my apartment?

We love seeing our pet residents out and about in the community! Pets must remain leashed whenever they are not inside your apartment and are allowed on the trails and all outdoor amenities besides the pools. Pop by the gym and the leasing office with them and we’ll have treats ready in hand!


How many pets can I have? 

Each apartment is allowed to house up to two pets. *ESA’s are not included in the two-pet total. 




What are the hours for the pools? 

Our pools are open from 6am until 12am 


What are the gym hours?

Monday – Thursday from 5am until 11pm

Friday from 5am until 8pm

Saturday from 8AM until 7pm

Sunday from 9am until 7pm


Do you hold resident events?

Riata takes great pride in our full-time on-site events coordinator! They make sure that our residents are kept busy with a variety of events such as wine tastings, poker tournaments, and kids storytime. 


Am I allowed to bring guests to the pool or gym with me?

For the duration of COVID-19 we are asking that our residents limit themselves to one guest at a time. 


Are bikes and scooters allowed on the trails?

Absolutely! You are welcome to ride your own bike or scooter on the trails, or check our gym and see if our Riata electric scooters or beach cruisers are available for you to take a ride on!

Smoking Policy?

Riata is a 100% smoke free community.


Can I have a BBQ on my patio?

Private BBQ’s cannot be used on your patio due to the overhang. However, we have just over 100 BBQ grills spread through our property that are directly hooked up to gas lines and ready to use at your convenience!





What is the Security deposit? 

Our standard Security deposit is $500 based on approved credit. 


What is the Administration fee? 

Our Administrative fee is $200. 


What are the additional monthly or one-time fees?

We have a mandatory Community Maintenance fee of $55 per month and a Bulk Trash Removal fee of $11 per month.  


What is included in my rent?

With your rent includes living in a great apartment and access to all of Riata has to offer!


Who is responsible for utilities? 

Each resident is responsible for setting up electric and gas accounts prior to moving in and maintaining those through your residency at Riata. You will also be responsible for paying your monthly fees and sub-metered water which will be due with your rent. 


What are the utility companies in the area? 

We require accounts with City of Austin Electric and Texas Gas. Internet and cable can be set up at your discretion, the providers for Riata are AT&T and Spectrum.  


Is Renters Insurance required?

Renters Insurance is required for all residents at Riata. We require proof of insurance covering a minimum of $100,000 of landlord property. You are able to provide proof of insurance through any provider or you can take our policy which is $11.50 per month. 



How many units are on the property? 

Total Riata has 2044 apartments nestled on just over 180 acres. We are divided into 8 Villages, ArrowWood, MylesMark, WoodTrail, BuenaVista, Greymoss, RockCreek, Dominion, and Enclave. 


How does management work? Where do I go to move in and who helps me after?

Riata is set up uniquely with one Leasing Office and several Village offices. Up until your move-in date we assist you at the Leasing office. After that, your Village team will take over to help you with your move-in, any rent questions and maintenance requests.


How do I contact my Village office?

ArrowWood 512-437-1333

MylesMark 512-437-1777

WoodTrail 512-437-1555

Greymoss/BuenaVista 512-437-1444

RockCreek 512-437-1222

Enclave/Dominion 512-437-1888


What notice to vacate is required?

We require 60-day notice